In 2017, I started writing the weekly motivations.

I never know it will become a big thing. I built a WhatsApp broadcast list and started writing high-quality content that will add value and transform the lives of many people.

Now, I have hundreds of people on the broadcast list of weekly motivational. Actually, I never thought the weekly motivational will become a big thing. But, here it comes.

Great things always start small.

Why did I write the Good Morning Motivations?

Well, the reason I did this is not to get a client….make money…get attention…to be known or some sort of thing like that.

I’m already making more money with my business…

I don’t do it for what I will get.

I do it for the impact I will make on people’s life, career, business and finance.

I wrote the Good Morning Motivations to inspire people to:

  • Make an impact with their life.
  • Bring out the best in themselves.
  • Unleash their hidden potential.
  • Achieve their goals and dreams.
  • Become better and bigger than they are.
  • Do more than they can imagine.

So, I implore you to take every single message seriously.

Meditate on it and let it impact your life…so you can experience sporadic and dramatic transformation in your life, career, finance and business.

I believe the purpose of my life is to discover the keys to success, put the keys into practice and then show other people how to apply them in their life so that they can live a successful life. And I’ve been discovering these keys for the past decade. Good Morning Motivations is a compilation of some of the keys I’ve discovered over the years.

It’s my deepest heart desire that God will enlighten your eyes to understand what you are about to read and grant you the grace to apply the keys in this book so that you can live a successful life.

Francis Sabutey

CEO, Think Expand